Friday, October 26, 2018

Relax on the terrace

I visited a new house that I designed and my client have already lived at yesterday.😊
Because unfortunately I couldn’t go to it at the final check with staff.
It has very amazing view !😮

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

christian style "JICHINSAI"

I went to the Ground-breaking ceremony of my project in Izena island last week.😊
It is Japanese style ceremony that hold before the start of construction.
But this project’s Jichinsai was different from Japanese style.
Because this project client is a christian.
So it held as a christian style. And it was very interested experience for me.😊
And I want to say that Izena island is an island in Okinawa which is surrounded by beautiful sea.

It is so beautiful island and where my father was born and remind me my good memories of my childhood.😊 

Sunday, September 16, 2018


I went to #ISAMU NOGUCHI #exhibitions at #Tokyo Opera city.😊

It was very interested in it. I guess you should go to the exhibition if you are interested in #art and #architecture. 😊 

I went to Gion

I really enjoyed during staying #Kyoto.😊
Because Mr.Imagawa who was my boss called me to #drink last night.
He knew that I visited to Kyoto when he read my new update on facebook.
And we met at #Gion. We went to an #Ochaya in Gion, and drinking and talking with #Geiko san!😁
It was great #experience for me.😊
But don’t forget it’s my business trip.
Now I’m going to Tokyo by a #Shinkansen.


I am in #Kyoto Today !😊

Because I suddenly had to go to have a meeting with a client at Kyoto tomorrow.
So I'm here and I can have a good #dinner, #Kushikatsu and raw #chicken now.😊
And this business trip took very long time.
I came to #Kyoto from #Okinawa via #Fukuoka by #Shinkansen.✈🚅
And then I will go to Tokyo tomorrow after the meeting. I will join the conference of #JIA at Tokyo tomorrow.😊

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

10th anniversary of Pain-de-Kaito

It was the 10th anniversary of Pain-de-Kaito last Sunday and Monday which is bakery shop I designed .😊

So I went with my staff to buy some bread and sent them flowers.
Congratulations !😊

By the way these flowers were made by the #BLOOM my friend runs.

Friday, June 29, 2018

I'm featured on Times Juutaku Newspaper magazine issued today.

I am even on the cover page too !😳

Please take a look at it if you have it.

Thank you.