Sunday, September 16, 2018


I went to #ISAMU NOGUCHI #exhibitions at #Tokyo Opera city.😊

It was very interested in it. I guess you should go to the exhibition if you are interested in #art and #architecture. 😊 

I went to Gion

I really enjoyed during staying #Kyoto.😊
Because Mr.Imagawa who was my boss called me to #drink last night.
He knew that I visited to Kyoto when he read my new update on facebook.
And we met at #Gion. We went to an #Ochaya in Gion, and drinking and talking with #Geiko san!😁
It was great #experience for me.😊
But don’t forget it’s my business trip.
Now I’m going to Tokyo by a #Shinkansen.


I am in #Kyoto Today !😊

Because I suddenly had to go to have a meeting with a client at Kyoto tomorrow.
So I'm here and I can have a good #dinner, #Kushikatsu and raw #chicken now.😊
And this business trip took very long time.
I came to #Kyoto from #Okinawa via #Fukuoka by #Shinkansen.✈🚅
And then I will go to Tokyo tomorrow after the meeting. I will join the conference of #JIA at Tokyo tomorrow.😊

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

10th anniversary of Pain-de-Kaito

It was the 10th anniversary of Pain-de-Kaito last Sunday and Monday which is bakery shop I designed .😊

So I went with my staff to buy some bread and sent them flowers.
Congratulations !😊

By the way these flowers were made by the #BLOOM my friend runs.

Friday, June 29, 2018

I'm featured on Times Juutaku Newspaper magazine issued today.

I am even on the cover page too !😳

Please take a look at it if you have it.

Thank you.